Why and How We Sell the Softest T-Shirts You'll Ever Wear!

When choosing the fabric, design, and printing techniques for our C-Free original logo tee we thought comfortable. Because who doesn't love a super comfortable t-shirt with a great cause behind it! We wanted to create the perfect t-shirt for lounging on the beach, sitting under shade by the pool. or having great times with family and friends at a barbecue because allowing others to live their best life with all of their friends and family is what we're all about! 

Now if you've tried our C-Free Original Logo Tee on you may be asking. How did they make this shirt so darn soft and comfy? Well my friend, that's where we come in! We chose every element of the shirt to be soft, comfortable, and simple! It all started with a design, while searching for a design we wanted to make sure that it was simple and wouldn't take up the whole shirt! After much deliberation we settled on our current logo the C-Free crab! 

Next up we had to decide what type of shirt to print on and this part was easy, we wanted to use the very best! So we used super soft Comfort Colors blank t-shirts, made out of 100% ring spun cotton and soft wash garment dyed into the three colors for the C-Free Original Logo Tee! These t-shirts are truly the perfect fit for any spring, summer, or fall activity! 

Lastly we had to choose the perfect style and technique to print our shirts. Once again we wanted the very best for our customers and were committed to choose the very softest ink! We chose to use Real Thread to print our shirts using their amazingly soft water based inks. Their water based inks actually dye the shirt fabric so it creates a soft feel with absolutely no residue on the shirt. 

To buy our C-Free Original Logo Tee's click the image below! 


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