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C-Free Lifestyle Health! First Post!

C-free is a company determined to help give others the chance to live life to the fullest! Although it is okay to splurge, a healthy lifestyle is key! This blog series is going to help you achieve your perfect lifestyle and maximize every second! Here we will share our favorite healthy tips, tricks, recipes and so much more! For our first post we'll speak about a topic I'm sure is close to all of our hearts, food! One food I eat almost every day is chicken! It is high in protein, low in saturated fats, can help control cholesterol levels, and studies suggest it may even help reduce the risk of colon cancer! So today I will be sharing my...

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Why Leukemia and Lymphoma Society?

Hello, my name is Aidan, and I am a member of the C-Free family. Today, I wanted to talk about how we decided upon Leukemia and Lymphoma Society as our first spotlight charity. When we first started this company we began with the goal of giving back. We chose to donate a portion of our profits to charity as a way to reach our goal and help improve the world. Cancer-related non-profits are our focus because we understand first-hand the impact that cancer has on families. Our father was diagnosed twice with blood cancer and as a result my brother, Quintin, and I have grown up in a family that has always been involved involved in supporting cancer related charities. This spring, I participated...

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